Calaveras County Code Compliance


Ed Short, Chief Building Official

Code Compliance Staff 

  • Sabrina Cable, Senior Code Enforcement Officer
  • Caroline Mote, Code Enforcement Officer
  • Courtney Minehart, Code Enforcement Officer
  • Reba Davis, Code Enforcement Officer
  • Tom Watts, Code Enforcement Officer
  • Amanda Menchaca, Permit Technician

Phone: (209) 754-6326
Fax: (209) 754-6328

Code Compliance Questions

When are Cannabis Hearings?

How do I report a code violation?

You may make a complaint by filling out our Online Code Violation Compliant,  submit a Code Complaint Form at the Building Department, or by filling out the form and submitting it by email or fax to (209) 754-6328.  We do not accept complaints over the phone.



How much will my permit cost?

Permit fees vary. Building Department staff will assist you in determining your cost.


How do I obtain a permit?

Contact the Building Department at (209) 754-6390.


What if I ignore the Notice of Violation?

Violations listed on the N.O.V. must be corrected by the date indicated on the notice. A re-inspection will be conducted after that date, and if the violations remain, a citation will be issued. If the violations have been corrected, the case will be closed.


I received a Notice of Violation, now what?

A Notice of Violation is not a citation, and does not have any fees associated with it. You have until the date noted on the notice to correct the violation(s). The phone number of the Officer who issued the Notice of Violation is on the bottom of the notice. If you have questions about the notice, contact him/her.


Am I still responsible if the property was that way when I bought it?

Yes.  Once you purchase a property, you are responsible for any outstanding violations.


Who turned me in?

We receive complaints from a number of sources including internal referrals, outside agencies, and the general public. This information is kept confidential.


Can I remain anonymous?

We do not accept and will not investigate anonymous complaints.  However, your identity and information are kept strictly confidential.