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San Andreas, CA 95249
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Online payments for eTrackit customers 10 January 2022

Online payments for eTrackit customers

Calaveras County Building Department customers can use Cardknox to make online payments for fees and charges associated with on-line Building permits. Follow this link and register in e-TRAKiT for online permit services.

Online Permit Services 7 January 2022

Online Permit Services

Cash Payments 22 March 2021

Cash Payments

The Building Department does not accept cash payments over the amount of $2,000.00.  We will accept cashier's checks, money orders, checks and credit cards.

Forms & Documents 3 February 2020

Forms & Documents

Building Department & Code Compliance Forms

Inspections 3 February 2020


Online Inspection Requests

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Expedited Permitting for EV Charging Stations 3 March 2023

Expedited Permitting for EV Charging Stations

Download the EV Charging Checklist here.