Plan Submittals

Streamlined Residential Plan Review Template

In the spirit to help streamline the plan review process, the Building Department has created a new innovative code requirement template that can be attached to your project plans at submittal. When the cover and code requirement sheets are attached to the submittal plan set, they become part of the permit set. Hence, the standard code requirements become part of the plans that inspectors inspect and plan reviewers comment routinely. Therefore, reducing the plan review comments and cycles in the plan review process.


  1. Download the cover sheet “TYPE V COVER SHEET” and “RESIDENTIAL CODE REQUIREMENTS” and print the sheets at your nearby printing service—minimum plan size D (24”x36”). The printed font on the sheets need to be legible or it will be rejected at submittal.
  2. Sign and complete both sheet’s open data fields and attach to submittal plan set.
  3. All other submittal requirements for a residential review applies.